Extra Fun for Your Wedding

So things are starting to come together and you’re more than halfway through planning the most important details of your wedding. Enter extra fun!

On top of having a band or DJ playing music, you might be looking for other entertainment options or ways to get creative and engage your guests.

Here are some possibilities that might pique your interest:

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Options for your Wedding Cake or Dessert

By now you’ve probably decided on your hors d’oeuvres and chosen your menu for the reception. Now it’s time to choose your wedding cake and/or dessert!

As with your decor, I’d suggest perusing the web or Pinterest for inspiration and taking some sample pictures with you to your cake/dessert vendor. Some have online portfolios, so you can take a look at their website to see if you find any designs that you like.

Photo credit: Concord Photo

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For the Groom – Your Wedding Tuxedo, Suit or Outfit

This post is entirely dedicated to the grooms out there. It’s time to choose what you’ll be wearing as you walk down the aisle.

Again, as with all elements of the wedding, style and preference are at your discretion when it comes to picking what you’ll wear as you say “I do”. I’d like to share some options that my husband and I learned about to get you started in your search.

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Event Decor Tips for your Wedding

It’s decor time! Are you excited?!

Planning and organizing the decor of a wedding can be a big job. It can also be overwhelming and many couples (okay, many brides, let’s be honest) can get carried away with the details. Although I do know of some grooms who got in on the decor planning, so I’d say this area is fair game for everyone. But back to the topic at hand.

The decor of a wedding has endless options and you can spend weeks upon months adding, changing and brainstorming how to create the theme or style that you want. Believe me, I know. I was one of those brides who struggled with two different styles and faced the challenge of turning my vision into reality.

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Wedding Photography and Videography – What You Should Consider

Next on your list, you’ll want to start thinking about hiring a photographer and/or videographer if you’re planning to have a professional capture your special day.

Photo credit: Concord Photo

For both photographers and videographers, my best advice is to ask your friends and family for recommendations. Chances are others can give you feedback about what they liked or didn’t like about the pros that they used, which will ultimately save you time and help you narrow down your search. Continue reading

You’re Getting Married – Do You Need a Wedding Planner?

This detail can become a priority at different times during the planning process, but if you are going to hire a full-service planner, you will want to find one as soon as possible. That’s why I’m choosing to share this post now.

Wedding planners can be great. They can assist you with the planning process from A-Z by recommending vendors, putting together a schedule for the wedding day and ensuring that all the details involved in planning are taken care of.

But should you hire one? This is the big question.

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Makeup, Hair and All Things Beautiful for Your Wedding Day

Have you ever noticed how female movie stars glow as they walk down the red carpet? It could be a polished and glamorous look, complete with red lipstick, a smoky eye effect that draws you in, or a clean, classic and beautifully naturally glow. Whatever it is, it makes a difference and takes their look to a whole other level.

Photo credit: Concord Photo

It’s hair, makeup and other accessories, and it applies to brides on their wedding day as well. Whatever your budget and style, there is a makeup artist and hair stylist out there that can bring your wedding day look together. It doesn’t matter if you want to start looking for a makeup artist first and then a hair stylist, or vice versa, but you should get the ball rolling on this as soon as you can. If you’re planning on having an engagement photo shoot, most artists will be happy to set up a trial for you to test out your look, and they can finish off with something more casual to fit the engagement style.

Some tips for finding artists and stylists:

  • Talk to your family and friends and look at their photos to get an idea of the artists’ style
  • Look through different artists websites, online portfolios, Facebook pages, Instagram posts and Pinterest boards

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Ball Gown, A-Line or Mermaid…Decisions, Decisions!

Ball gowns and mermaids? Is this a lead in to a Disney movie, you ask? No, we’re not talking about Disney today. We’re talking about wedding dresses! Although there is some correlation if you think about it…princesses, ball gowns, your prince charming coming to swoop you away. Okay, I’m going to stop there; back to the topic at hand.

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The Venue, The Dress or The Photographer…..What To Do First?

Now that you’ve said “I do” and shared the good news with your family and friends (and possibly looked through a gazillion wedding magazines and websites, as I did), it’s time to choose your wedding venue. What I quickly learned when calling around to find a venue, is that these places typically get booked up 1 to 1.5 years in advance, so my suggestion is to start looking as soon as possible if you want to up the chances of securing a venue that you’ll be happy with.

Photo credit: Eileen Rivard via flickr

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Welcome to Wedding Planning – It’s Fun, I Promise!

Hi there! Welcome to my blog.

Whether you’re a bride or groom getting married soon, a mom or dad eager to help their kid plan their wedding, or just reading this for fun, I hope you enjoy the knowledge and tips that I will share with you over the coming weeks and months.

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